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Hot Flow

A slower paced practice. Where poses are held for a little longer. We take the studio up to 33 degrees, turning the focus towards quieting the mind, longer breaths and deep muscular control.

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Power Flow 

60 minutes of sweat. A faster paced class at 33 degrees to energise and refresh the body focusing on transition and repertoire with breath to match.


Hot Pilates

The synthesis of classic Mat Pilates and contemporary method in a heated space. Each class is what you make of it. Designed to dramatically improve your physique, mobility, posture and bodily strength with a strong emphasis on the core and spine. The studio is heated to 33 degrees to allow the body further flexibility and blood flow.

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Hot HIIT PIlates

Inferno Hot HIIT Pilates is the newest class style to feature at Rise. Combining Pilates practices with high intensity movement creating a fantastic hour of power! A level of fitness is recommended before starting this class.