Our Instructors




Eridani baker

300hr jivamukti/1600hr hatha

Eridani's godparents taught yoga and she spent a lot of her childhood with them. She eventually followed in their footsteps and moved to India where she lived at the same Ashram they had lived at 30 years prior and studied under the same Guru. The Yoga Parampara (lineage) of Yogamaharishi Dr Swami Gitananda Giri. During her year-long stay in India, she gained a 1.600-hour hatha yoga & yoga therapy qualification. She has also completed the Jivamukti 300 hour teacher training. Eridani's classes follow the Jivamukti structure and incorporate spiritual teachings from her ongoing study. As well as teaching yoga she has a diploma in sports massage so her classes are well informed by anatomy and physiology knowledge. 


Jess Sutcliffe


Jess is a 200hr Power Living Vinyasa trained yoga teacher and has been teaching for approximately 10 years. With a background of ballet, group fitness and personal training she has an absolute love for self-awareness of body and mind, movement and connection of mind, body and soul. Having been through major burn out with Adrenal Fatigue this has brought greater awareness and a huge desire to help others to connect deeper to their true selves and bring health and happiness in a holistic manner. Her classes range on all levels, technique and anatomy are constantly featured. But most of all, desires participants to truly disengage with internal and external distractions and to get to know oneself on a much deeper level. 


Emily peart


Emily trained in Bali with Shades of Yoga in Ubud after finishing school, specialising in Vinyasa. Stemming from a passion for dancing, she started practicing at around 14 years of age. Since gaining her qualification, she has worked for Les Mills teaching Body Balance and vinyasa. She has taught too at university events in Dunedin promoting mental health. Emily loves anything to do with moving her body, with a love for surfing and running alongside her yoga practice.


Jess Lace

200hr vinyasa

Trained in Hatha/Vinyasa, Jess brings thoughtful sequencing, flow and fluidity to her classes. By linking breath, movement and intention, her teaching will guide you through a practice that will allow you to explore a deeper sense of self on the mat and then encourage you to follow this through into your everyday life.


Maria Clift

200hr Ashtanga

Maria literally danced in to yoga! She first discovered yoga 15 years ago as a great way to calm her pre-stage dance nerves, and maintain strength and flexibility. In 2013, Maria became certified in Ashtanga yoga and over the years her styles of Vinyasa and Yin developed. She has taught yoga around the globe for the past five years, including retreats in Bali and Cambodia. Her love of yoga philosophy is a key theme in her teaching, including work of Sadhguru, Patabi Jois and Ramana Maharshi. 'I love sharing the gift of yoga. It is a privilege to be able to engage in such bliss with fellow yogis.'


Mibella Villafana

200hr Vinyasa

Mibella lives and breathes balance and holistic wellness. Her gymnastics practice of 12 years led her to yoga in 2011. She worked hard to tick off the Southern Californian dream of a UCLA B.A. in Psychology, but that left her soul hungry. She studied yoga under Shiva Rea, Vytas and many other notable yoga teachers in West LA, took a leap of faith and bought a one way ticket to Sydney and moved overseas forever. Mibella believes that the mind can easily get clouded, stressed and confused but following Pattabhi Jois’ wise words, “Practice and all is coming,” will take you where you need to be. Her yoga classes will push you to your own personal boundaries weather mental or physical. She will guide you to exploring what your body and mind is capable of. 


Monica Cronin

200HRS Vinyasa

I started practicing yoga at the age of sixteen after finishing ballet. I had no idea what to expect and went to my first class without knowing what a downward dog or child’s pose was. But from that moment on I was hooked, and couldn’t imagine how dramatically this practice would change my life for the better. Fast forward to 2018 and I completed my Vinyasa and Yin Teacher Training in Ubud Bali at the Yoga Barn. My favourite part about teaching is the contrasting energy in the room before and after a class, to know I helped contribute to that beautiful feeling is so rewarding. 


John Allan

200HR - 300HR Vinyasa

A designer by trade, John has spent much of his life in the process of creation. From Graphic Design, to Urban Design and Garden Design there have been many outlets for his creative passion. John tried to avoid yoga for a good portion of his life but after it kept presenting itself in various forms he eventually dived in and has never looked back. Beginning with the dynamic practices of acro-yoga, aerial-yoga and even yoga with weights John explored the physical and creative aspects of the practice before doing Vinyasa Training in early 2016 and began teaching immediately following. Having trained in Animal Flow (Primal Movement) and Kids Yoga, John is not afraid of adding challenging and playful elements to his class and is also passionate about inclusive and empowering classes with an element of meditative focus. For John, Yoga helped him understand and discover balance, how to move through stuck energy and find the flow, ease and grace of life. Self-study is now a cornerstone of John's full-time yoga life and he teaches on 200hr and 300hr Yoga Training’s in Auckland.