Casual Visit 

$22.00 NZD Per Visit

Intro offer 

$50.00 NZD For 2 Weeks

Unlimited access to all Hot Pilates & Hot Yoga classes at RISE.
Available in studio or online.

Unlimited Direct Debit 

$37.00 NZD Per Week

Rolling 3 month commitment Period

Includes unlimited access to our hot timetable, complementary mats,
towels and before class refreshments.

Rolling 3 month commitment period with automatic renewal. 

Valid for all classes at RISE excluding workshops,
teacher training or special events. Priority placement for workshops.

Please see Unlimited Direct Debit terms and conditions featured at the bottom of this page. 

1 Month Unlimited 


1 month of unlimited access to our Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates classes. 

March 30 Day Challenge 

30 days of Hot Yoga and Pilates. Expect better technique and improved physique.

New members can purchase their pass here for $158 OR sign up as a new direct debit client to receive free access to the challenge. All current members that are signed up under the 3 month unlimited membership are free to sign up as part of their pass. 

Only 50 spaces available! 

5 Class Pass 

$95.00 NZD

Valid within 1 month of purchase date.

10 Class Pass 

$180.00 NZD

Valid within 3 months of purchase date.

1 Year Unlimited 

$1400 NZD

Valid within 1 year of purchase date. 


Gift cards

$50 Intro pass

$95 5 class pass

$180 10 class pass

$481 3 month unlimited membership

Expiry dates as per pricing options above.


Maria Clift Beginners Workshop

Join maria for an insight into the foundations of your practice. diving head first into the principles of yoga Asanas. This two hour workshop will cover the nitty-gritty of alignment, the break down of a vinyasa flow and the importance of breath-work all in fine detail to ensure a safe, strong practice is initiated right from the start.

$45 for non members.

$35 for direct debit members - (please purchase at studio).

Once you have purchased your ticket please head over to the schedule to book your space in the class.

Terms and Conditions

  • All passes are non - refundable, non - transferable and non extendable.

  • Introductory offers are only available to newcomers.

  • Sharing of passes with another is not permitted.

  • All passes can be used for both hot yoga classes and pilates classes at RISE.

  • Upon purchase of any pass you agree to all of the above terms.

Unlimited Membership terms

Upon Purchasing the Unlimited Direct Debit pass you adhere to the following; 

  • $37 p/w will be direct debited from your bank account weekly.

  • Failure to withdraw funds will result in a penalty fee of up to $11.50.

  • If you wish to place your pass on hold, written notice is to be given via email: This can be done so for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4.

  • At the end of the 3 month commitment period your membership will automatically renew for a further 3 months. Towards the end of your 3 month term you will receive an email from us letting you know that without instruction to cancel your pass will auto renew for a further 3 months. In the final week of your pass you have the option of cancelling your membership via email or letting the pass auto renew for a further 3 month period.

  • If you wish to cancel the pass you must provide notice via email: . Please note once the pass has auto renewed we will be unable to cancel until the last week of the new period.

  • Responsibility for making sure all contact information in Mindbody is that of the client.

  • No passes are to be shared with any other persons.