Q : Is Hot Yoga Bikram? 

A : Bikram is a style of Yoga created by Bikram Choudhury based on the principles of Hatha Yoga typically practiced in a 40 degree + temperature for 90 minutes consisting of 26 postures. Hot Yoga at RISE is practiced between 31- 35 degrees within a Vinyasa/Hatha Framework. You will find our teaching styles vary between each teacher.

Q: Do you offer rehab Pilates?

A : The Pilates classes we offer at RISE are suited to those who are generally in good health and are not suited to those with injury. If you have sustained an injury and are looking for one on one classes please email us hello@risestudio.co.nz and we will be happy to arrange private classes for you.

Q: Is Hot Yoga/ Hot Pilates suitable for me? 

A: Both practices are suitable for nearly everyone and offer great health benefits. We ask that you do keep in mind that both are fairly vigorous and are practiced in a space that is heated up to 35 degrees. We do ask that if you acquire a letter from your doctor if: 

- You have a history of heart conditions, stroke, hypertension, hypo-tension or heart failure. 

- Under the age of 16

- Pregnant 

- Are currently taking Beta Blockers or Diuretics.

Q. What do I need to bring?

A. Our aim is to have you travel as light as possible. Mats, sweat towels and before class refreshments are complimentary. We recommend that you bring along a towel to place on top of your mat, another towel for showering and a bottle of water for hydrating throughout class. 

Q. What do I wear?

A.  Breathable clothing that isn't restrictive. Keep in mind that you are going to sweat so avoid heavy clothing. 

Q: Can I eat before class?

A : We recommend not eating 1.5 - 2 hours before class. If you must eat we recommend a small snack that is easily digestible. 

Q. Do you have showers?

A : Yes! We have 4 showers in the female changing and 2 in the male changing. 

Q: Parking....

A : We do have 4 car parks currently designated to RISE, there is 60 minute parking along St Georges Bay Road and up Cleveland Road. On weekends the whole carpark around the building is open to the general public, however in the weekday it is tow away only. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before class to secure parking in the area. 

Q: I am a beginner, where do I start? 

A: Welcome to the wonderful world of Yoga and Pilates! Both Yoga  and Pilates classes are challenging in their own right. We recommend that you make sure you are well hydrated before class. Please try to arrive at least 5-10 mins before the start of class as we lock our doors promptly at the start of the lesson. Our studio is a Phone free zone, so we do ask that you keep them in your bags in the changing room. The studio doors are locked before class to ensure the security of your valuables. At any time in the class you are overwhelmed by the heat we recommend coming down to the mat and focusing on your breath, we discourage leaving the room as the teacher will not be able to supervise you if you are feeling unwell. Please do not leave the class early unless it is an emergency. And lastly, enjoy!  

Q : Why is the studio a silent area?

A : We love a good chat but upon entering the studio space we ask that everyone remains silent. Practice is a time to check in with the body, reflect and spend a bit of time quietening the mind. The reception area is a great place to touch base with friends, fellow members and teachers over a cup of tea or coconut water.